What are your pet peeves? What do you really hate? Whether it's Microsoft or Britney Spears, you'd enjoy it if there was a place on the Web to find others who hate the same thing you do, so you can have a real love fest of hate. That's what haters.info was set up for -- to provide logical addresses for sites for haters of anything -- addresses of the form microsoft.haters.info. They can be set up to redirect to URLs anywhere. And I'm providing them as a free service to qualifying sites. I'm doing it as a hobby, not a business, so I don't have any corporate stuffed suits or marketing types around to insist that the right demographics be targeted or anything, so I can just do whatever the heck I want, and I have a day job to pay my bills... This means that I can give out these addresses to sites I think deserve it, rather than trying to manipulate things to make a buck off of them.

One thing to note: I don't want these subdomains to be used for racist and ethnic hate sites. That's the last thing this troubled world needs, especially in these times. Sites criticizing a company, organization, product, genre, institution, or ideology are fine. Sites criticizing an individual are all right if they're a public figure and the site is to criticize their public actions or works rather than to make gratuitous smears at their private lives. It's all right to criticize a religion, e.g. via a site like scientology.haters.info, if the aim is to show what's wrong with its ideology or the actions of its organized institutions -- but it's not OK to state or imply that all members of a religion are subhuman and should be herded off into concentration camps. There's a clear difference here. Be tasteful, OK?

Note: I was here with this site years before Hilary Duff came out with her song named "Haters"! (Am I a "traitor to the human race"?) (And, in response to an entry in a now-defunct guestbook, no, I don't hate Hilary. But if some Hilary-hater or Lizzie-hater wants to get the address hilaryduff.haters.info or lizziemcguire.haters.info to redirect to their site, I have no objection to setting it up; I'm equal-opportunity. Somebody did take me up on this, with duff-and-lohan.haters.info, but it's now defunct.) And, even later, Taylor Swift has a line in one of her songs that "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate."

But according to an article, haters are a leading indicator of success!

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