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Subdomain Application

Here's where you attempt to get a coveted haters.info subdomain for your website. Unlike some other domains out there, there's no sunrise period for trademark owners (these subdomains are for criticism sites -- it would be awful if any of them ended up in the hands of the owners of whatever they're supposed to be criticizing!), no landrush queue, no legal or illegal lottery, no application fees, no registration fees... rather, haters.info subdomains are absolutely free, but they're awarded only to those whom I think deserve them, and my decisions are arbitrary, capricious, and final.

The Ground Rules

  1. haters.info subdomains are available only for people running information, criticism, commentary, protest, or parody websites pertaining to a topic for which the requested subdomain name is relevant.

  2. Such sites may not be operated by or on behalf of the entity which they're allegedly commenting, protesting, or parodying, or its management -- only independent sites are allowed here.

  3. You may apply for a subdomain name using the form below. The haters.info registry (that's me) will review your application, look over your site, and accept or reject your application based on the quality and relevance of your site and any other criteria, fair or unfair, that I choose to apply.

  4. The presence of intelligent, insightful criticism or clever, humorous parody of whatever is the target of your criticism is likely to be favorable to your application. Contrariwise, the presence of crude bigotry is likely to be unfavorable to it. I'm looking for well-done takes on pet peeves, not racist or ethnic hate sites or obnoxious personal attacks.

  5. Your site should not be primarily of a commercial nature. Some ads or links to your commercial sites are OK, but there must be meaningful content that's unrelated to an attempt to make a buck. Sites set up to disparage a competitor in order to promote your own business won't be looked at favorably as against true consumer commentary sites with no commercial purpose.

  6. At your choice, you can apply for a subdomain either in the plural haters.info or the singular hater.info domain, to suit your personal preferences. If the subdomain you want is already taken in one of these, you can try the other; there may be two good criticism sites of the same target. But I won't let anybody squat on both; don't be greedy.

  7. If accepted, your requested subdomain will be set up as a URL redirect to your site URL, as given in your application, and email to subdomain@haters.info and webmaster@subdomain.haters.info will be redirected to your email address. If you wish to change these addresses or cancel your service, you must email me.

  8. I'm doing all of this in my spare time, so I don't guarantee any sort of timely service -- still, I'll try to do a better job of responding in a timely manner than the .info registry did in its startup!

  9. I don't have any present plans to insert any sort of annoying ads in the redirect to your site, such as interstitials or popups or other marketing crap like that, but I make no guarantees that I'll never do any such thing in the future -- if it's the only way to pay the bills I might have to.

  10. These subdomains are not to be hoarded, bought, sold, or cybersquatted on. You must have a currently-operational site to get a subdomain, and the subdomain will be terminated, and freed to be assigned to somebody else, if you discontinue your site.

  11. The applicant agrees to bear all responsibility for the lawfulness of the content of any site linked to via a redirected haters.info subdomain.

  12. As this is a free service, no warranties are given and no guarantee is made of the continued availability of the service. No ownership rights are granted to the subdomains. The registry reserves the right to modify or terminate this service at any time.

  13. None of that means that I'm planning on dumping all of your sites overnight, but it's needed to protect myself in case somebody threatens to sue me or put me in jail because of something one of you put up in your site, or my hosting provider suddenly starts charging a huge rate for redirected subdomains (which right now are free and unlimited) and I'd go bankrupt continuing to provide them, or I lose my job and choose to buy food instead of paying my hosting provider or domain registration fees and the site vanishes.

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I agree to abide by the rules as stated above.


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